The following is a description of skills and a sampling of accomplishments including some freebies you may find useful.

Electro-mechanical assembly and trouble shooting.
Problem: Printer-server production area built units to commonly ordered configurations.  Pre-built units were then customized to individual customer configuration but in busy periods the area often missed delivery dates causing penalty fees and dissatisfied customers. 

Solution: Install a printer-server line to configure units to customer order instead of build to inventory.  The revised process reduced production time from three and one half hours to forty five minutes with greatly reduced inventories.

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Warehousing Safety Project
Problem: Some incoming materials entering the  automated storage retrieval system were not compliant with the system needs and were removed to a labor intensive area for correction.  This area had a very high injury rate.

Solution: Provide operator assist system that featured several   special designed tools.  The result was a 50% reduction in labor and a 0% injury rate.

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Paper presented at the Computer Technology Solutions Conference in Detroit offering an innovative method of reducing ergonomic impact of a production line in advance of physical  construction.

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Free lift analysis software

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Estimating and work measurement software

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