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Electro-mechanical assembly and trouble shooting.
Installed a production line at Xerox to assemble, configure and test printer-servers for high-end products.  Products were required to shipped within three days of receipt of order to avoid penalties.
  • Previous method had operators retrieving hulks along with PCI boards, drives and other components from inventory in batches of like configurations and building configured units for warehoused inventory.  Unique customer orders were made from the pre-built units. 
  • Software was installed from disk. 
  • The New method  downloaded software by LAN connection.  This permitted an operator to have two or three units processing, unattended.
  • The process included unpack and repack.  Specially designed tables eliminated the need to lift units onto the bench reducing ergonomic stress and saving time on both the unpack and repack process.
  • PCB test and system diagnostic process was changed to further reduce processing time.

Result was a large savings in warehouse space and a staff reduction by 50% while on time shipment record improved from 86% to 98%.

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Simple changes yield big results