3-D Solid Modeling in court

Certified to build real-world scale 3-D graphics that can be used for  scene reconstruction for use in the court room.

A real-world scale model of a scene that can be rotated and zoomed to show the point-of-view from multiple locations can be used to establish event sequences and validate or question claims.

Models can be constructed using actual scene photographs and can include animated "walk-troughs" with time of day shadows and atmospheric adjustments.

Anthropometry in court

Anthropometry is a system of human measurements. 

Static anthrometric measurements are routinely use to help fix a person's identity.  Dynamic measurements can also be used to establish reach, bend and lifting capacity of a person. 

A familiar example of this is the determination that it was unlikely that President Nixon's secretary accidentally erased parts of the "Nixon Tapes" because of the posture that she would have needed to be in to do so.
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